About Me

My favorite subjects in elementary school were always art and reading. I never understood how — or if — that would play out in the ‘real world,’ until I started this venture.

I’ve been drawn to the camera since my parents first let me toy with their Nikon SLR, and I vividly remember when they first gifted me my own. Photography was always hobby — something I loved and dabbled in, taking classes here and there as I pursued my career, started my family, and figured out what I sought most in life.

Which was: Being with my family and using my camera. I relinquished my office job for mom clothes (hello, yoga pants!) and now I’m fully dedicated to my two passions. With the blog, I add narrative to my images… something I feel strongly about, since selective use of photographs in social media today can paint a different picture than reality. I want to add that honest perspective on parenthood, my thoughts as I release the camera shutter or reflect back on photos while editing.

Our five-year-old son is devilishly smart, has a beautiful — and highly entertaining — imagination, and always looks before he leaps. Our two-year-old daughter has absolutely no fear and makes my heart melt with her sweet, dive-bomb hugs. My amazing, driven, and supportive husband encourages me to pick up the camera more (and like our kids, has piercing blue eyes that are so photo-worthy). My Nikon D750 is always at my side.

My blog captures, through pictures and words, my study of children — observing and discovering the wonders of the world, discovering what they are capable of, and navigating all the emotions that come with that growth — and my study of photography — practicing, studying, and experimenting with the both camera and post-processing tools, to learn the art of portrait and lifestyle photography.


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Family photo cred: Brook Robinson Photography